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Waste management

Managing waste material and products has become very essential today as the pollution level is rising day by day. You can keep your surrounding clean and neat if you manage the waste products carefully and wisely. Waste management has to be done carefully so that not only you are able to keep your house and wok place clean and tidy but are able to keep the surrounding and environment in good shape as well.

You can show your creativity and keep your surrounding clean in many different ways. Collecting all the scrap pages and papers in your house and utilizing them in making a scrapbook or different shapes to hang around in your living room is a great idea. If you have plenty of loose pages then you can collect all the pages together and make a new ruff notebook out of it and can use it as a dairy for noting down some essential things or solving some questions.

If you are creative, enough you can use the waste clay in your house and moulding it in some good shapes and colouring it to display it in your rest room or your lounge room. All the greeting cards that you have received from your friend and relatives on special occasion can be died from end to end and form a hanging card design to display in your room. There are any different ways through which you can manage the waste products in your house and turn them in to useful painting and showcase pieces.


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