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Anaerobic digestion
There are two types of digestion - Aerobic and anaerobic digestion. Aerobic digestion takes place in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic bacteria help in digestion in the presence of oxygen whereas anaerobic bacteria work without oxygen to complete the process of digestion.

Anaerobic digestion is done in the presence of anaerobic bacteria. Digestion process keeps on continuing inside our body even when we are performing different activities. When we consume food, digestion does not start at once. The process of digestion inside our body takes places after 1-2 hours of eating food. In the process of digestion in our body both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria works on the food. The very first thing that happens in the digestion process is break down of food molecules in to simpler and smaller molecules.

The process of digestion is carried in few steps like ingestion, assimilation, absorption and excretion. Ingestion refers to the input of food inside our body. When you feed your body with some food that means you are working on ingestion process. After the food enters your stomach it breaks, down the food and turn it into liquid forms with the help of various enzymes present inside our body. After the food has been broken down into smaller pieces, the body absorbs essential nutrients and proteins from the food. The body the food is no use to the body and is regarded as waste inside our body absorbs once the essential nutrients. The remaining food then travels down the small intestine and is excreted out from our body.


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