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Compostable materials

Compost is formed from all biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials are those materials that can be broken down easily in to smaller molecules by microorganisms.  Various materials like food we eat, the peel of fruits, flowers, plants, cow dung, used coffee and tea bags are mainly used as compost ingredients. The dead and decaying pants and animals form manure or compost. When the various plants die, they are collected together in a pit and they are added with some water to form compost.

Dead plants are rich in nutrients. When the microorganism the nutrients like nitrogen, calcium and potassium are broken down into smaller and easily dissolvable molecules acts upon them. The medium of transfer inside the plants is water, when we cover the top soil with manure and pour water over it, the essential nutrients present in the compost is dissolved in water and then plants in order to absorb nutrients and perform their process use this water.

Other artificial materials are also present in the market. Such material is rich in particular nutrient but after sometime these artificial substitutes tends to make the soil infertile. Dry cow dung is also a good source of compost that is used in many different countries in order to provide the essential nutrients to the plants. Cow dung is collected in bulk, either it is put in a pit and subjected through the process of fermentation or it simply dried in sunlight and used as cow dung cakes.


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