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Inorganic Additives

There are two kinds of products present on our earth. Organic material is biodegradable and inorganic material is non-biodegradable? Organic term is often related to the plants and flowers , basically flora system is organic system and is helpful in maintaining our environment but inorganic additives are quiet harmful for our earth and causes lot of pollution. Inorganic additives are synthetic colours, dyes, fertilizers, pesticides and toxic inks. Most commonly used inorganic additives are pesticides and fertilizers.

Agriculturists use pesticides in order to prevent the entry of pests like rates, snakes and birds in their field. Pests and snakes destroy every year 1/3 o the total yield. Pesticides are poisonous additives that prevent the entry of such harm causing pests. In addition, fertilizers are artificial nutrients that are prepared by man and are often spared and supplied in the form of tablet or liquid to the field to promote the growth and yield of plants and trees.

These inorganic additives are useful to a little extent built in the long run they are poisonous and harmful. When we spray pesticides on the flowers and fruits it enters inside the fruit peel and dissolves in the fruit liquid thus making it unfit to eat. Today the use of pesticides is increased incredibly and it is often recommended to wash fruits and vegetables carefully and properly before eating them. Pesticides keep on accumulating inside our body slowly and slowly as we consume more fruits and vegetables and hence cause dreadful diseases in our body.


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