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Compost is very helpful in enhancing the productivity of your field and garden. Most people today depend on compost in order to make a good yield of plants, fruits and flowers in their garden and agricultural fields. Compost is rich in essential nutrients like phosphorous, nitrogen, calcium and carbonates that helps the plants to perform various function at a steady rate and boosts their growth and blooming of flowers and fruits.

Compost can be purchased from the market as well. If you want to get a good, quality home made manure or compost you can go to regular farmers. They are very well aware of the process of preparing compost in their field. They also have huge deep pits for the preparation of manure. You can find out a farmer and can purchase good quality compost from him. You can also save a lot of money as farmers do not charge any extra service tax on the manure and you get it at a cheaper rate than market.

There are other suppliers as well in the market from where you can purchase the compost. You can also approach a nursery where you will easily be able to get manure. Apart from that you can find compost bags in super stores or Coles as well. Various dealers who deal with different agricultural product like pesticides, DDT, insecticides, fertilizers also possess compost. You can even purchase the right quantity of compost from your garden from such dealers or suppliers.


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