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Compost ingredients
Compost is rich in many essential materials like nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, hydrogen, etc. nitrogen and phosphorus are some of the necessary nutrients that are required by plants in order to grow and bloom properly. Compost is made from the dead and decaying matter including dead plants, papers, peel of fruits, eater etc. All such biodegradable material is collected in order to form compost.

You can purchase the compost in a prepared form from the market or can prepare it in your house. When composting is done a gas called a biogas is also released that is supplied in houses for cooking and heating purposes. When all the dead and decaying degradable material is kept for composting, it is added with water and covered with a heavy lid for a long time. As soon as micro organisms start working on the matter they release gas.

Gas is collected over the top of the compost tank and is taken out from a hole at the top. After some time new matter is added and the decomposed matter is taken out which is supplied as compost to various farmers and suppliers. When you purchase compost from the market, you must make sure that there are no additional artificial nutrients added into it to enhance the yield of your garden. However, artificial ingredients add to the growth of your plants but after sometime it makes the soil infertile and unfit for further use.


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