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Using compost around the garden. How and where?
Compost is very useful for your garden. Compost is manure that is prepared through the process of fermentation. A big bulk of waste material is collected in a deep pit, which is covered with sand or a lid for few days like a month or so. After a month, the microorganisms work on the waste material and it is changed into compost or manure. This compost is extremely rich in nitrogen and potassium that helps various plants in your garden to get rich nutrition and in turn provide you with a good yield or flowers. Composting your garden is a very good options to increases the yield of plants and flowers in it.

In order to put compost in your garden either you can appoint gardener or you can flow this easy process. After purchasing the compost from the market, you will have to spread the compost over the top soil in a layered manner. Before putting the compost, you will have to dig the entire area of your garden where you intend to put the compost. You do not have to dig deep, a little digging so that the top soil can easily mix with the compost.

You will have to keep on adding water regularly for 7-10 days so that water helps the nutrients flow down to the roots of the plants. The right time of composting is summer time. It is the time when you can get your plants enough sunlight and air to grow properly. Composting your garden for 1-2 times a year will help your garden soil to maintain its nutrients and promote the growth of various plants.


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