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Troubleshooting - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start off?
What is the little bin for?
Why isn’t my compost rotting down?
Can I put leaves in my compost heap?
How do I know if my compost is breaking down?
My compost bin is infested with lots of little flies, how can I get rid of them?
Is it a good idea to add activators to my compost bin?
Will my compost heap heat up enough to kill off weeds and plant diseases?
My compost bin is infested with ants. What should I do?
HELP! Bees seem to be nesting in my compost bin
How long does it take to make compost in my bin?
Why hasn’t my compost bin got air holes in it?
Can I add shredded paper to my compost bin?
How can I prevent rats in my compost bin?
Can I compost pet ‘poo’?
What should I do when my compost no longer rots down and my bin is full?
I have read that it is best to layer different materials within a compost heap. Is this correct?
My compost bin seems to attract slugs
Can I compost evergreen leaves?
Can I compost all types of paper and card?
I have more grass cuttings than my compost bin can cope with, what else can I do with them?


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