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Who is the scheme for?

Any householder who is resident in Lancashire can have a free home compost bin and a small bin to keep in kitchen for compostable material such as fruit and vegetable scraps, they will be delivered directly to your door, complete with full instructions on 'how to compost'.

There will be at least 20,000 compost bins available each year for the next two years, which will be distributed in two different ways. This year, twelve different areas throughout Lancashire have been chosen. The residents within these areas have been asked if they would like to participate in the composting scheme and receive a free compost bin. Each area is based on a specific refuse collection round. This allows the amount of rubbish thrown away to be carefully monitored by weighing the full refuse collection vehicles. We hope that once everyone starts using their compost bins, they will see a real reduction in the amount of compostable rubbish, such as grass clippings and vegetable peelings that they throw away each week.

The remaining bins will be available to anyone resident in Lancashire. You can request a compost bin and kitchen scrap collection bin by calling Straight Recycling Systems on: 0845 658 8550

Who is involved in the scheme?

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