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Green waste collection and home composting -
a beautiful partnership

If you are lucky enough to be included on one of the ever-expanding kerbside green waste collections, and are wondering if this spells the end of home composting, then wonder no more - the two actually work very well together.

There are some things that we are reluctant to put in our home compost bins, such as diseased plants and weeds. Some things we simply can’t put in our compost bins due to their size - large woody waste will take a very long time to break down in a home compost bin (as a general rule, twigs thicker than your little finger should be left out).

Excess grass cuttings in the summer will cause problems in a compost bin, adding too much nitrogen and moisture and turning your heap into a slimy, smelly mess! All of these undesirables can happily go in to your council scheme’s collection bin where they will be composted in large heaps at a central site. These heaps reach very high temperatures, killing off all weed seeds. That way you keep the best for your home garden and no longer need so many trips to the tip!

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