Getting started

So you have a bin and know what to put in it, now we have to get composting!

The base layer is quite important, using coarse materials like twigs, wood chips or straw will give your compost good drainage and space to breathe. Now all you have to do is layer up your compost with all the different materials you have.

Top Tips

Mix your layers up with a garden fork or compost aerating tool to add air to your mixture.

Test the moisture of your compost by hand, too dry add more green materials or water, too wet add more brown items.

Spring is the best time to start your compost pile as you will have an abundance of garden waste and the whole summer warmth to heat and speed up process.

Scrunched up paper (non glossy) will make air pockets in your compost.
Your compost should be done in around 6 months to a year and you can tell its done by it becoming a very dark brown, almost black spongy rich soil.

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